Lawn Care Solutions Austin Services

Lawn Care Solutions Austin offers integrated lawn care and lawn maintenance services to all interested clients. Either you want to rejuvenate your freshly bought property, revamp your lawn and garden and add some spice to it or boost its curb appeal for a future lease or selling, you are in good hands! Lawn maintenance doesn’t just mean mowing and watering. Each and every element on your property is directly connected to the others and they all make a micro-ecosystem that needs to thrive. You may require a one-time service or a seasonal / year-round maintenance program, for us won’t change anything: we will treat you with respect and care for your lawn as if it were ours.

If you are interested in our services, this is what we are able to offer:

Lawn Maintenance

From early spring to late fall, our lawn experts are ready to give you a hand with all lawn maintenance tasks and activities: soil assessments, mowing, changing of mowing patterns, turf blending and crops inter-changes when necessary, aeration and overseeding, weed control and fertilization treatments, flower bed care, grass plantation recommendations, sustainability advice and many more.

Hedge Trimming

It would be a shame to have a neat, manicured and sparkling green front lawn and wild, messy hedges. Our specialists can trim all your hedges so they look exactly like you want them to. We would do anything to promote the healthy growth of all things green, so we will trim your hedges so they can develop and bloom at their maximum potential. We can manually trim your hedges for looks, privacy, wind control and noise buffering, making sure that each variety is cared for according to its requirements.


We value mulch above all else fertilizers and protection methods as mulch is an organic material meant to boost your lawn’s health and looks. We are skilled and trained in using different varieties of mulch for flower beds, trees, shrubs and larger plantations, vegetable gardens and lawn areas needing proper fertilization and protection. Mulch is mandatory especially in our area, as it keeps the roots safe from the scorching sun while preserving moisture in the drought season. Mulch is also perfect to slowly fertilize the soil as it decomposes, reflect heat away from the soil, and keep pests and weeds away from the vegetation.

Leaf Cleanup

Spring and fall require special lawn maintenance tasks – especially leaf cleanups. We are specialized to remove and blow off vegetal debris from your property to make sure the dead leaves don’t entertain the development of pests, weeds and diseases. We use hi-tech equipment and we make sure your property looks clean and tidy at all times.

Ask for a free estimate right now and have us present and offer you our services! They all come backed up by our 100% satisfaction warranty that allows you to call us back to redo the job if you are unhappy with our results!