About Us

Growing up in the Greater South Austin Texas area we were happy and privileged to see the community thriving year after year. As years passed, we understood that people here were hard working, fully vested in the community and wanting the best for their families and businesses. They also want the best for their homes, lawns and gardens, as there is no greater joy than returning to a welcoming corner of paradise to relax and find peace.

But just like gardens sometimes have weeds, so does the green industry has its own fair share of contractors that have disappointed people along the way. Just as one of our happy clients say, some of them were about to give up and let their lawns and landscapes grow wild, tired of looking for skilled professionals to maintain their properties neat, great looking and healthy.

Decided to offer our community impeccable services and a highly professional approach to lawn care, we founded this company years ago and never stopped working to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations ever since.

How Did We Become an Industry Standard in Austin and Surrounding Areas?

Since the beginning we understood that one size doesn’t fit all and no two patches of land can be treated the same way. Even if we are all dealing with the same climacteric conditions and weather challenges, each property needs special attention. This is why we changed our approach and soon became a model of good practices:

  • We always evaluate each property before any operation to better understand its needs, features, strengths and opportunities. Some grasses love shade, others thrive in full sun. We know all these facts and act accordingly, offering lawn care and maintenance that address each and every soil, vegetation and lawn size detail.
  • We understand local regulations related to sustainability and preservation of resources; this is why all our services are personalized and tailored to suit the specifics of each property and they add up to make it develop to its maximum potential.
  • We only work with skilled, trained and certified professionals who do things by the book and follow the most recent findings in horticulture, agriculture and environmental care.
  • We built a reputation of serious, honest and courteous professionals who offer their clients the best services at the best prices, without trading quality for quantity.
  • We make everything easy for our clients, starting with the free online or phone call estimates and ending with the clean ups tasks we perform before carefully shutting down the gate.

You don’t have to trust our online rankings and not even our clients’ testimonials. All you have to do is take a walk around the area and ask for references about us. Better yet, you can give us a run for our money and put us to the test! Ask for a free estimate and let us do wonders on your property while you enjoy our 100% satisfaction warranty!