Homeowners in the Greater South Austin Texas and surrounding areas love their lush lawns, gardens and landscapes and never settle for less than they deserve in terms of lawn care, maintenance and integrated lawn management services. With years of experience behind us, our company is proud to have become one of the highest ranking ones in the region, counting hundreds of happy and returning customers.

Being a locally owned company, we strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations; this is why we expanded our services to cover all needs and wishes. Moreover, we are fully aware that no two lawns are the same and no two development and maintenance projects look alike. This is why all our services begin with an initial assessment and a thorough discussion with the owner to understand his needs and wishes.

We also fully understand the climacteric challenges of the area and we always adapt our services to face and overcome such challenges. Our time-honored methods and our attention to detail turned our company into an industry standard.

What Should You Know About Us?

We know there are many lawn companies promising the same things and we understand that not all of them met your expectations. In case you need further details about whom we are and how we do things, here are ten more reasons why you should give us a try instead of the guys next door.

  1. We made a reputation by always showing up on your scheduled mowing day, no excuses.
  2. We will notify you if there is ever a delay. We know that only by offering respect and courtesy to our clients we will earn their trust, so rest assured our team will mould its schedule depending on yours and not the other way around.
  3. We make sure to shut your gates, clean everything and leave the entire property clean, neat and tidy.
  4. We are licensed and insured above and beyond official requirements and regulations so everybody and everything stays safe (including our employees) while we work on your property.
  5. We have highly trained employees and we invest in their continuous training in horticulture, agriculture and landscape architecture.
  6. We Have Convenient Online credit card billing so all your payments are easy and safe.
  7. We use only the best commercial equipment to give you a perfect cut every time, together with tailored and environmentally safe products and substances to promote sustainability.
  8. We are very responsive to emails and phone calls none of your questions will remain unanswered.
  9. We make the experience of getting your property maintained as easy as possible for you.
  10. We offer one of the best warranties on the market: our iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee policy: in case you are not fully satisfied with our work, we will redo the job for free, because all we want is for you to be absolutely thrilled with our work.

Call us today, ask for a free estimate and relax while leaving your property in the best hands in the area!